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Wheat Prices Rise as China’s Need Increases 12/20/2010

Wheat prices rise- china food inflationAs reported by Bloomberg this morning, wheat prices have increased the most in two weeks due to speculation that China, will import more wheat in efforts to curb food inflation. China, the world’s largest producer and consumer, is on track to import 4.45 million metric tons, of wheat or 500,000 more tons than last year.

As food prices continue to rise in China, it is predicted that they will work to rebuild their grain stocks  to curb inflation and fears of a food shortage. Wheat is the fourth-largest crop in the United States and was valued at $10.6 billion in 2009.

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Top Investments for 2011 12/15/2010

Looking for a great investment for the new year? The Wall Street Journal recently published a list of promising investments for those looking for a profitable 2011. Twelve companies were highlighted and who ranked among the top? Yum Brands! Why is Yum so promising? Their existing China market strength and opportunity for continued growth China.

Yum Brands expands in ChinaWho is Yum? Yum is the company behind KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco bell. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Yum has been in China for 20 years and in fact, KFC is the top “western fast food” chain in China. In addition, the China segment of the business is more lucrative than their domestic operations.

Is there room for growth in China? You bet! In America, there is one fast food restaurant for every 2,000 city residents. Compared to China, where there is one fast food restaurant for every 14,000 urban dwellers. As a result, the Journal expects Yum’s profits to increase 12 percent to $1.3 billion in 2011 as the China segment of the business grows.

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Global Trade Resource Predicts Top Holiday Toys 12/8/2010

Panjiva, an online trade platform used by sourcing and supply chain professionals to screen US import data, released their predictions for the top holiday toys of 2010.  Panjiva’s database tracks the overseas shipments of more than 1.5 million companies doing business across borders. Panjiva’s top toy selections are based on the number of toy shipments sent to the United States (the majority of which are coming from China). The graphs below show the top toys for each category. The “rookie toys” versus the “veteran toys.” The “rookies” are the toys released this year versus and the “verteran” toys are toys that existed prior to 2010.

Top Holiday Toy Predictions RookiesTop Holiday Toy Predictions Veterans

As you can see, there is almost a three way tie in the rookie category between the Squinkies, Paper Jamz, and Zoobles. For the Veterans, the victor is much more clear: Toy Story toys have been shipped much more than the second and third place toys, Elmo and Airhog Helicopters.

They also had a great chart indicating the trending of toy shipments over the past three years. According to Panjiva’s database, toy shipments are up 24% from August to October when compared to the same period in 2009.

That said, I am predicting a very merry holiday for lots of children this year!

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