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Written by Michael McSweeney, a California native, educated in Australia, conversational in Mandarin Chinese. Mike has advised companies throughout the US on China Strategy Development for Supply Chains, Market Entry and Greenfield Start-ups.

Professional Bio:

Mike McSweeney brings to TriVista clients a strong combination of both practical experience and formal education. Prior to joining TriVista, Mike spent several years with ITT Electronic Components Group, a division of ITT Industries, in various international sales, key account management and product management roles.

Since joining TriVista Mike has been intimately involved in our Global Supply Chain and Asia Expansion Practice, working on and leading projects in China, Malaysia, Thailand, India & Singapore. With a focus on supply chain strategy and strategic sourcing, Mike has worked with numerous middle market companies to implement supply chain best practices and identify low cost sources of supply, primarily in China. Mike also leads TriVista sales and marketing activities in the United States.

Mike received his Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, his Lean Leadership and Goal Deployment certifications from ITT University. Mike attended Taipei Language Institute in Beijing, China, to study Mandarin language and studied post-graduate Mandarin language and Chinese culture at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H. He received his bachelor’s of arts in marketing and journalism from Bond University, Robina, QLD, Australia.