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St Regis Shanghai Hotel Review: Just OK. 11/16/2010

The St Regis Hotel in Shanghai wasn’t quite what i had hoped it would be.  I checked in after a long flight from Los Angeles, and I knew when I found myself getting my own bags out of the trunk of the taxi at 10pm Sunday evening that this St Regis was not going to live up to the St Regis quality that you expect from properties that bear its infamous name.  I booked the room largely due to my love for St Regis properties in other geographies, and the rate – at $225 USD per night I thought I was getting a great deal on what i expected to be a GREAT hotel in Puding district in Shanghai. After checking in and heading to my room I was again disappointed to find that the room was a pretty standard “upscale” hotel room that you would find in most major cities in Asia.  And that was the problem.  When I book a room at a St Regis (especially in a city like Shanghai), I expect it to WOW me.  Maybe I’m just spoiled from staying at some of the Regis’s nicer properties, but i was slightly disappointed nonetheless.

With all that being said, the room was nicely decorated and the bathroom was well sized.  The bed however was somewhere in between hard and kind of soft – not exactly what I’m looking for after a 15 hour journey.  Breakfast in the morning is “served” in the primary restaurant, which unfortunately feels like its located inside the main section of the lobby itself.  The food was average at best.

Ill wrap up this review by noting that the staff are all very friendly and helpful.  Head to this hotel if you get a good rate.  Otherwise I would look at one of the other Starwood properties in the city.

The search for the great (and reasonably priced) Shanghai Hotel continues….if anyone has any additional feedback or hotel suggestions i would love to hear about them!

Phone :  +86 (22) 2627 8888  Address:  Phoenix Shopping Mall, East Haihe Road, Hebei District, Tianjin  (Near ‘Eye of Tianjin’)

Bottom Line:  Brand New (2008).  Very good place to stay.  Great location.  Breakfast is OK.

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