China Jet Battle 11/16/2010

China Airplane industry

Today there was an article in the Wall Street Journal announcing China’s newest big jet orders. The first 100 orders were announced for a jetliner set to compete with Boeing and Airbus. The C919 was unveiled at the Zhuhai air show in Southern China.

The C919’s maker Commercial Aircraft Corp. has not released exactly how many planes have been ordered nor the price of the single aisle, 160 aisle jetliner. This project marks a long-time coming initiative that China has been working towards. Beijing rates the development of a large passenger jet up there with its space program in terms of pride.

Both the United States and other countries’ suppliers are working on the C919. GE and Safran SA won a $10 Billion deal to make the engines.

Fun Number Facts I thought I would throw in:
-Passenger stats through 2010 are up 18% from 2009 to  200.7 million passengers.
-Boeing estimates that China will need 4,330 new planes over the next 20 years.
-China is set to be the 2nd largest plane market in the near future.
100– the number of announced orders thus far for the C919
2014– the expected year for the C919’s 1st flight
2016– The expected year of delivery for the first C919’s (only mock ups at this point)
$480 Billion- Estimated market size for the aircraft manufacturing marketing in China over the next 20 years
102 – The number of planes ordered from a C919 competitor, Airbus, this month in China

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