China Wage Comparison Resource 11/29/2010

Our company’s partner site, Understand-China, has spent the past year compiling and researching China wages. They have put together a nice chart comparing China’s different regions that shows the wages in both RMB and USD. The rates are for skilled manufacturing/direct employees.

Did you know? China has no standard national minimum wage. However, nearly all of its various provinces and other local jurisdictions have enacted legislation designating a minimum wage for full time and part time employees.

Keep in mind that it is difficult to calculate the exact cost of a direct employee due to things like benefits, social insurances and holiday pay, but this chart is a great starting point to learn which regions are more costly in terms of labor than others. Remember that the cost of labor is only one factor to consider when starting or expanding a business in China: property and real estate costs, labor supply and skill sets, utility costs, logistics and access to ports/airports are just a few other things to keep in mind.

The rates below are monthly wages for Skilled Manufacturing/Direct Employees.  All wages provided are estimates.  For the most recent data, please contact Understand China.

Avg..RMB/month Avg..USD/month
Hong Kong n/a n/a
Beijing 3000 441
Hainan 2100 309
Gansu 2046 301
Binhai 2000 294
Shanghai 1996 294
Sichuan 1925 283
Zhejiang 1870 275
Chongqing 1866 274
Hebei 1838 270
Jiangsu 1800 265
Heilongjiang 1750 257
Shenzhen 1750 257
Xiamen 1750 257
Tianjin 1640 241
Liaoning 1633 240
Henan 1590 234
Guangdong 1530 225
Fujian 1510 222
Shantou 1408 207
Macau 1400 206
Zhuhai 1400 206
Hubei 1200 176
Pudong 1120 165