Panjiva’s Trade Data in for Month of October 11/12/2010

U.S. October Trade Shipments ChartPanjiva, an online trade platform used by sourcing and supply chain professionals to screen US import data, posted in a recent blog post that global trade activity saw a 2% decrease in global manufacturers shipping to the United States from September to October this year. This decrease marks a noticeable difference from the 3% increase that Panjiva reported during the same period in 2009.

What’s driving this decline? Most likely the weakened US dollar. As the US dollar continues to weaken against other global currencies like the Chinese Yuan, it makes it significantly more costly to import products from countries with strong currencies.

The positive result however, is that as the US dollar weakens, US exports become significantly more attractive to foreign buyers. I think we are going to see a dramatic increase in US exports over the next 12 months as the dollar doesn’t look like it’s poised to gain strength any time soon.

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